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David Dobrik Relaunches New Photo App “Dispo”

Popular YouTuber, David Dobrik released an ad on YouTube in-line with the launch of his new photo app, Dispo. In the ad, we see Dobrik dressed up as an older version of himself with super realistic makeup which was done by Oscar-winning artist Kazu Hiro. The heartwarming ad shows Dobrik digging through old photos of his younger days, crying over the good memories that can never come back. At the end, a quote “Live in the Moment” pops up.

Dispo is essentially a digital version of an old-school disposable camera, allowing users to take pictures through a small aperture with a crude zoom function. The photos will then “develop” the next day, at 9am. There are no editing features, as the idea of the app was to create simple, fun, and non-curated social clout photography.

The app is apparently just a relaunched version with updates of allowing users to create both public, collaborative, and private rolls of photos, but no actual social feed which separates itself from Instagram. Dispo is essentially used to capture candid moments with friends and family, Dobrik added that the app was actually inspired by parties he’d attended.

Currently, Dispo still remains invitation only and people are fighting to get in on the app. Hopefully David Dobrik opens up the app to the public, I personally feel like I would switch over to Dispo instead of hanging around Instagram which is slowly turning into a very toxic social media platform.

What do you think about the app? Would you swap over to Dispo or continue on Instagram?


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