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Daniel Craig Doesn't Think James Bond Should Be Played By A Female Actress

James Bond has always been played by male actors, but the new Bond film that will be arriving cinemas on 8 October announced that Lashana Lynch will be replacing Bond as Agent 007, taking over the codename after Bond left MI6 in the previous movie.

While people have mixed opinions on the announcement, 53-year-old actor Daniel Craig clearly expressed that he doesn't think Bond should be played by a female actress. “The answer to that is very simple. There should simply be better parts for women and actors of colour. Why should a woman play James Bond when there should be a part just as good as James Bond, but for a woman?” Craig said.

His statement with Radio Times was arguably inclusive and questionable, but it's good to also reflect on the misogynistic and sexist Bond character, who might've been the epitome and frontman of workplace harassment.

Meanwhile, Lynch said that, “They’re actually giving the audience what they want to give the audience. With Bond, it could be a man or woman. They could be white, black, Asian, mixed race. They could be young or old. At the end of the day, even if a two-year-old was playing Bond, everyone would flock to the cinema to see what this two-year-old’s gonna do, no?”

What do you think about the casting for the new Agent 007?


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