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Daikin Streamer Air Purifier Brings Cleaner And Fresher Air To Your Home

Have you ever considered the air you breathe in at home on a daily basis? Did you know that a person breathes 20 times per minute and 29,000 breaths every single day? I’m sure you’re thinking whether the air in your house was actually clean enough after finding out the amount of breaths you take each day.

Well, you’re in luck! Air purifiers are now trending worldwide, to simply filter out the bad and unclean air you’ve been breathing in within your home. With Daikin’s Streamer Technology, it can deactivate harmful substances effectively by releasing high speed electrons to generate powerful oxidative decomposition elements. 

That’s not all, Daikin’s Streamer Air Purifier also has the ability to eliminate bacteria, mould, hazardous chemical substances, and allergens to enhance the health aspects around your home. In terms of filtration, the air purifier has not 5 but 6 layers of powerful decomposition and removal systems employed to not only decompose bacteria and viruses efficiently. That said, hazardous substances like PM2.5, formaldehyde, allergens, and odours can also be effectively removed.

If you’re someone who suffers allergies and asthma, you should probably think about this Daikin Streamer Air Purifier because it is specifically engineered to help relieve people with those diseases and symptoms. Let’s talk about the 4 different modes you could use for different purposes:


This mode detects dust and odours while removing them with the Streamer technology automatically.


Daikin’s 3D air intake is designed to enable a greater volume of air to be cleaned for faster air purification within a short period of time.


The silent mode purifies the air silently while allowing users to enjoy the refreshing air at the sound level as low as 16dBA.


Driven by Inverter technology, it controls the rotational speed of the motor to ensure minimum energy usage and achieve energy efficiency.

If you’re interested in the Daikin Streamer Air Purifier or need more information on the product, visit!

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