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#CucukMyAZ Tips And Checklist To Prep You For Vaccination Day

I’m sure you’ve seen the #CucukMyAZ hashtag trending all over Twitter these couple of weeks. After the government opened up booking for the AstraZeneca vaccine shots, the slots were immediately full within 2 hours! That’s insane!

The shots are only open to residents living in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, for those who successfully registered, you will be getting your AstraZeneca shots at the World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur, Ideal Convetion Centre Shah Alam, Dewan 1 Bangunan Peperiksaan Universiti Malaya, or Dewan Gemilang Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Checklist and Tips

  1. Turn up early for the appointment, about half an hour before your appointment time.

  2. Eat before your appointment.

  3. Wear looser clothing that allows doctors to easily access your shoulder but bring a jacket because the halls get pretty cold.

  4. Remember to bring your mobile phone with your MySejahtera ID and your NRIC.

  5. Attend the briefing and verification of your identity. You will need to scan several QR codes with your MySejahtera app. There will also be a short counselling session by the doctor who will review your medical history such as past medical issues, allergies, etc.

  6. If this is cleared, sign the consent form saying that you are agreeable to the vaccine. This is only for the first dose. You can then proceed to vaccination.

  7. It is better to be injected on your non-dominant hand, as most people experience soreness and pain at the injection area.

  8. You will need to stay for observation for 30 minutes while being monitored for any severe reactions.

  9. You will receive a notification for your second dose (between 2 to 3 weeks after). The second dose will be much faster as there will be no counselling or briefing session, but it will be at least 12 weeks after your first dose.

  10. After the second dose, you will be given a card to verify that you have received both doses. This card will also be available on your MySejahtera app.

Let us know how your vaccination day went!


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