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‘Crash Landing On You’ Produced Another Couple And Fans Are Delighted

Remember how we were all freaking out when Son Ye-jin (Yoon Se-ri) and Hyun Bin (Ri Jung Hyuk) started dating and now in a serious relationship? ‘Crash Landing on You’ did not just produce that power couple, but also a sub couple has been born from the popular Netflix K-drama! Make your guesses! 

Our favourite sub couple, Seo Ji-hye (Seo Dan) and Kim Jung-hyun (Gu Seung-jun) are reportedly dating by media outlet, Sports Chosun! (AHHH) According to close acquaintances of both the CLOY stars, they naturally began seeing each other after filming the K-drama series. They added that Kim Jung-hyun fell for Seo Ji-hye’s “feminine and sensible charms”. 

The 31 year old actor also made a cameo last year in the MBC drama ‘Dinner Mate’, supporting 36 year old actress Seo Ji-hye in her latest project. However, both agencies are denying the dating rumours and said in a statement, “She said that she is definitely not dating Kim Jung-hyun.” and “the two are only maintaining a close relationship as senior and junior after working together in tvN’s Crash Landing On You.”

What do you think, are the rumours true or are their agencies just trying to cover up their relationship status?


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