• Jonathan Shiek

Covid-19 Patient Gives Insight To How They Are Being Treated In Quarantine Centres

A Malaysian Facebook user by the name Lucy Mole wrote a long post on Facebook yesterday (10/1) about the whole situation she went through in the quarantine centre. “In Malaysia it’s compulsory for all positive people to go to a quarantine centre.” said Lucy in the start of her story. Lucy mentioned that she had mild symptoms and was recovering well at home with healthy food and good sleep until KKM picked her up to be sent to Serdang MAEPS.

She started listing out her bad experiences in point forms which caught a lot of Malaysians’ attention. This was what she listed out:

  1. Zero information about where she was going and what to bring

  2. Taken to an enormous hall with incredibly freezing temperatures

  3. No information about food, medication, toilets, etc.

  4. Was not given blankets and pillows

  5. No soap or tissues for the toilets and also intermittent water leak/ shortages

  6. Hard cold camp bed

  7. Lights are constantly on

  8. Get woken up by announcements and noises

  9. Dry and cold food with no fruits and little vegetables (even though she told them she is vegetarian)

  10. Filthy water dispensers

  11. Highly concerned about food poisoning because someone found a bug in their food

  12. High chance of disease being spread

  13. No hand sanitizers stationed anywhere

  14. No face masks provided

  15. No social distancing

  16. Not able to receive essentials from outside like warm clothes, food, and medication

  17. No help from the British Embassy or any outside organization

  18. No windows for any sunlight

  19. People hiding their symptoms to avoid staying longer

Despite all that, Lucy also expressed her gratitude towards the front liners for risking their lives and being away from their families. She added that she was supposed to be out 13 January but she just found out her 7 year old daughter us now having Covid-19 symptoms. Let’s pray for Lucy’s daughter, hopefully the test comes back negative!

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