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Covid-19 Patient At Sg Buloh Hospital Punches Nurse And Tries To Escape By Climbing Out A Window

A 33-year-old Covid-19 positive patient at Sungai Buloh Hospital is now being treated for severe injuries in the ICU after he fell from the first floor while trying to escape the building on Tuesday (24 August).

According to a report by Harian Metro, the man was first admitted to the hospital at 3am on Tuesday after he tested positive for the virus. However, just 12 hours later at approximately 3.20pm, the patient had attempted a daring escape to get out of the ward, even punching a struggling nurse who tried to stop him in the process.

“The male patient acted aggressively towards the nurse by punching them in the face. He also disturbed other patients before escaping through the ward’s window and tried to jump off,” said Sungai Buloh district police chief, Supt Shafa’aton Abu Bakar.

Although other staff members at the hospital quickly rushed to help the patient, they weren’t able to rescue the man in time as he eventually fell to the ground floor and suffered injuries on his face and body. Shafa’aton added that the case is currently being investigated for further action.


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