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Covid-19 Can Actually Make Your Penis Smaller And Cause Erectile Dysfunction

A man from the U.S. came onto a sexual health podcast called "How To Do It", and mentioned that his penis seemingly shrank after recovering from his Covid-19 infection. "When I got out of the hospital, I had some erectile dysfunction issues. Those gradually got better with some medical attention, but I seem to be left with a lasting problem."

The 30-year-old man said, "My penis had shrunk. Before I got sick, I was above average – not huge, but definitely bigger than normal. Now I've lost about and inch-and-a-half, and have become decidedly less than average."

The doctors think that it may have something to do with vascular damage in the erectile tissue of the man's penis. "My doctors seem to think it's permanent. It shouldn't really matter, but it has had a profound impact on my self confidence in my abilities in bed."

According to a study conducted by a team from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, they looked at 2 male patients who were Covid-19 positive and had shown impotency after getting infected. The study showed that coronavirus particles were found in the patients' penile tissue, showing signs of blood vessel damage in their penises, compared with other patients who had erectile dysfunction without contracting the virus.

"We found that the virus affects the blood vessels that supply the penis, causing erectile dysfunction. The blood vessels themselves malfunction and are not able to provide enough blood to enter the penis for an erection. We don't think this is a temporary effect, we think this could be permanent," said Dr. Ranjith Ramasamy, the university's director of the reproductive urology program, and senior researcher for the study.

Another study done by researchers at the University College London also found 5% of men who were Covid-19 positive suffered a step down in penis size and 15% suffering from sexual dysfunction.


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