• Jonathan Shiek

Coca-Cola’s New Service Let’s You Swipe Your Phone At Vending Machines

Coca-Cola is unstoppable at this point, innovating a new service that allows easier access to their beverages. You can already pick up a bottle or can of Coke anywhere and everywhere! With this new service called Coke ON, you’ll be able to try different Coca-Cola branded drinks every day. Coke ON is starting a subscription service that allows patrons to swipe their smartphone at a vending machine and receive a daily drink.

The subscription service is currently not available yet, but it will be live starting mid-April, costing 2,700 yen per month. You can get the service at half price if you sign up before 31 May at 1,350 yen. The usual price of a coke would cost about 120 yen, so buying one a day without the subscription would cost 3,600 yen a month.

Of course, Coca-Cola doesn’t expect you to drink their sugary drinks daily. You’ll be able to pick from their range of alternatives like Ilohas bottled water, Ayataka green tea, canned coffee, and sports drink. The only downside about this service, is that it only works at Coke ON-eligible vending machines, and not the regular ones.

I wonder if they will bring this subscription service over to Malaysia, it could possibly be more convenient and a fun way to purchase your drink from a vending machine.


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