• Jonathan Shiek

Coca-Cola Malaysia Urges Msians To Stop Boycotting As It Will Backfire To Malaysian Employees

McDonald’s, Starbucks, Puma, and HP aren’t the only brands Malaysians are trying to boycott amid the heated tensions between Palestine and Israel, Coca-Cola is also taking a hit from the locals in hopes to help out Palestine. However, Coca-Cola Malaysia is urging people to stop boycotting the brand as it will backfire and cause harm to local employees instead.

In a statement made on 19 May, Coca-Cola said that thousands of local retailers, distributors, and suppliers throughout Malaysia rely on their company for their daily bread. Apparently, people have been going around convenience stores to peel of Coca-Cola labels from the bottles, these videos immediately went viral on social media. Little did you know, bottling operations are carried out in Malaysia despite the company being a global brand.

That said, Coca-Cola Malaysia said “We do not support or take sides in any religion-related conflict or any country involved in it.” Will you still continue to boycott Coca-Cola and the other brands?


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