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Coach X Sheena Liam is Absolutely Gorgeous

Coach has always been famous for their collaborations with other brands or big name designers and the end result is usually something that we have come to expect from Coach. But every now and again, Coach pulls something out of the bag that is completely unexpected.

With their new spring line aptly named Coach Forever collection, that is exactly what we are treated to as Coach is honoring their commitment to being more responsible towards the fashion industry by producing vegetable-tanned, naturally-dyed leather for the new collection.

As surprising as it may be, there is something else about this collection that outshines Coaches responsible practices and that is their collaboration with Sheena Liam. Sheena is a local fashion model and embroidery artist from Malaysia and if she seems a little too familiar to you, that is because she was also the winner of the second season of Asia’s Next Top Model.

Sheena Liam has partnered up with Coach and offers them her exquisite embroidery artistry (Times New Romance) which includes some of her signature designs of feminine figures on Coach’s new Ergo bag which is also part of the new collection.

Credits: Lifestyle Asia

The Ergo bag is made with dyes sourced from carrots, red fruits, turmeric root and more which needless to say, is inherent with their greener approach.

Credits: Lifestyle Asia

Sheena stated that, “It was a very great experience working with Coach. The client fully trusted my creative vision and didn’t even see a sketch or the final product until the day before we launch. I think it says a lot about a brand when they have so much trust in the artist’s vision. I appreciate that.”

Credits: Lifestyle Asia

It is certainly splendid that high fashion brands are finally taking notice of the talent that resides in Malaysia and I believe, it is only a matter of time now before Malaysia makes a name for itself in the high fashion industry.


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