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Clubhouse: What is it?

Where Elon goes, people follow. If you are wondering why Clubhouse has suddenly blown up out of nowhere, well here’s the reason why. Elon Musk. On 7 February, Elon made an appearance on the app causing thousands to follow suit. He also went on the invite-only audio app to discuss topics such as memes, Covid-19 vaccines and to interview the Robinhood found regarding the GameStop incident.

Since then, the app has garnered 2 million users while still being in its beta version. As it stands, Clubhouse is still only exclusive to iOS devices but the company plans on adding an Android version of the app. Clubhouse is practically and audio-chat platform somewhat similar to most chatrooms however, there aren’t any messages or video chats.

Various ‘Rooms’ are available for you to join depending on your interests. Alternatively, you can create your own room for others to join. The developers stated that the app was designed to provide you with a social experience that felt more human where you can gather to talk as opposed to messaging.

Credits: SoyaCincau

In order to actually use the application, you’ll have to be invited by someone who is already on the app hence giving the app a form of false exclusivity. Fear not however, as it is very easy to be invited especially if you already have friends and family using the app as each new user is given two free invites when they join.

That said, the developers seem to be working on making Clubhouse open to public post-beta. Though if you are eager to hop on board the hype train in a heartbeat, you can can always find generous people on Twitter who are willing to invite you in

There are all sorts of rooms that you can find on Clubhouse ranging from influencers talking about their weird encounters for the day or CEO’s talking about politics. There also a few local rooms that lets you just chill with some fellow countrywomen and countrymen. You will also have to be cautious as there are some NSFW rooms there as well along with certain cases of cyber-bullying.

But don’t let that deter you because there are some amazing rooms available, such as this brilliantly curated room that recreates The Lion King!

If this ain’t the most creative thing I’ve seen on clubhouse. WoW 👏🏿👏🏿 #TheLionKingCH — Zie Otto (@ZieNYC) December 27, 2020

With most social media trends coming and going quickly such as Vine, its certainly difficult to gauge whether Clubhouse will be in for the long run. Especially with Twitter announcing that they too are planning on creating a live-audio chat platform called Spaces and similar to Clubhouse, Spaces will also utilize the invite-only feature. Personally I hope this invite-only feature does not become a trend with most applications.


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