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Clubhouse To Develop Android Version Of The App

Clubhouse has been under the spotlight since early February and this is not going to stop anytime soon! Currently, the popular app is only available for iOS users but this is about to be old news! According to CNBC, Clubhouse has already hired an Android software developer, Mopewa Ogunipe to develop an Android version of the app.

Android user at this time:#Clubhouse — Skye (@lumosmaxiimaa) February 17, 2021

The social media audio app will finally be brought over to the Android Play Store! No more feeling left out when iPhone users talk about Clubhouse! However, Clubhouse has yet to announce the release date for the Android version yet, so sit tight for a little while longer.

Previously, iOS users will only be able to download the app via invites, but this didn’t slow down the popularity of the app. About 8.1 million users were already using the Clubhouse app! Having the Android version will definitely skyrocket the social media audio app further, so this was definitely a smart move!


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