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Civil Servants Who Are Not Vaccinated By 1 Nov Will Be Subjected To Disciplinary Actions

According to a press release by the Malaysian Public Service Department, about 1.6% (16,902) public servants have yet to be vaccinated. And because of that, JPA has decided to make vaccination compulsory for all public servants.

This decision is an effort to give confidence and assurance to the public and to make sure that service given to the public is smooth without any complications. JPA elaborated that all unvaccinated employees will need to be fully vaccinated by 1 November. Those who fail to do so due to underlying conditions will need to show a supporting document explaining their condition that is verified by a government medical officer to their head of department.

Civil servants who are not vaccinated by the due date without a medical letter, will be subjected to disciplinary actions based on the Public Officers (Conduct and Discipline) Regulations 1993.


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