• Jonathan Shiek

Cinemas in Malaysia Can Finally Reopen!

Last week, we received news stating that our film and cinema industry is in peril and we were all concerned about no longer being able to experience the thrill of the cinema ever again.

Thankfully, we no longer have to worry about our beloved cinemas shutting down for good as Finas has issued an official statement of their Facebook page confirming that filming activities as well as operation of cinemas are allowed in conditional MCO and recovery MCO states with adherence to SOP compliance.

Credits: Giphy

GSC was quick to share their enthusiasm with us as they quickly followed up with a post about the movies that they will be screening when they have officially reopened.

The moment we've been waiting for… we will be reopening this FRIDAY!! Stay tuned as we reveal our opening locations and confirmed movie line-ups! 💛🙌#BacktoGSC #GSCLoveYou3000 — GSC | #ReopenCinemas (@GSCinemas) March 2, 2021

I can’t wait to get back into the movies! Though I still do hope that people will practice social distancing and follow SOPs accordingly. The last thing the cinema industry needs now is a cluster to form because of failure to follow SOPs.


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