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Chloe Zhao Became The First Asian Woman To Win Best Director At The Academy Awards

I know, having a woman win an award at a heavily male influenced industry shouldn’t be something surprising. Instead, directors should be awarded as they are and not because of their gender or race. However, let’s shine the spotlight on the first ever Asian woman to be crowned as the best director at the Academy Awards! Did you know that she is also the second woman to ever win this award too? Round of applause for this talented director!

The 39-year-old Chinese-born director, Chloe Zhao makes history with her film, “Nomadland” which is a story about financially stretched van dwellers in U.S. recession-era. The film featured actress Frances McDormand alongside real-life nomads.

Credit: CLTure

At the age of 14, Zhao left Beijing to London and attended boarding school. She pursued her dreams at a film school in New York and won acclaim for independent movies, “Songs My Brothers Taught Me” and “The Rider”.

Surprisingly, only 2 women have won best director within the span of 93 years of the Academy Awards. Kathryn Bigelow was the first female director to win the award back in 2010 for her film, “The Hurt Locker”. Two women were nominated in this year’s category, Chloe Zhao had to compete against director Emerald Fennel (Promising Young Women).

Extremely proud of Chloe Zhao! Have you watched her film, Nomadland?


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