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Chinese Scientists Name New-Found Dinosaur Species After ‘Nobita’ From Doraemon

A group of scientists in China managed to discover a new dinosaur species in the Sichuan province back in July 2020. And a year later, they finally came up with a name for this Cretaceous-era beast – ‘Eubrontes Nobitai’.

If that name is reminding of you a certain cartoon character, you’re right on track because our dinosaur pal right here was actually named after the lovable main character, Nobita from the popular Japanese cartoon ‘Doraemon’!

According to the scientists, they decided to pick the name because Doraemon was such a fond memory for many people who were born in China in the 1980s. Associate professor Xing Lida, who helped discovered the fossil, even credited the ‘Nobita’s Dinosaur’ (1980) and ‘Nobita’s New Dinosaur’ (2020) films for making “many children come to like dinosaurs.”

Xing also made sure that replicas of the fossil will be sent to Fujiko Co Ltd aka the production house behind the ‘Doraemon’ franchise, as well as the Tokyo National Museum, where the fossil replica will be on display in November 2021.

Credits: VOI & Mashable SEA

For now, the dinosaur can only be identified by its fossilized footprints that measure about 30cm in length. Based on this, the scientists believe Nobitai’s body may have been four metres long, and it probably belonged to a carnivorous or predatory species during the Cretaceous era, right before the dinosaur species went extinct.


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