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Chinese Scientists Developed New Covid-19 Test That Is As Accurate As A PCR Lab Test

Chinese scientists recently developed a new Covid-19 test that is as accurate as a PCR lab test, but it produces results within 4 minutes. PCR tests are considered the most accurate and sensitive across the world, but sadly, they usually take several hours to give results.

The researchers from Fudan University, Shanghai, said their sensor which uses microelectronics to analyse genetic material from swabs, can reduce the need for time-consuming Covid lab tests. "We implemented an electromechanical biosensor for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 into an integrated and portable prototype device, and show that it detected (virus RNA) in less than four minutes," the team said.

Their test run involved taking samples from 33 people who were infected with COvid-19, with PCR tests conducted side by side. The results from their method were perfectly matched with the PCR tests.

Furthermore, they tested the new method on 54 samples which included those with fever who did not contract the virus, those with influenza, and healthy volunteers. Those cases did not yield any false positives.

The researchers said that once the method is developed, the devices can be used for quick testing at places like the airport, health facilities, and even at home.


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