• Jonathan Shiek

Chinese Researchers Developed Device That Detects Covid-19 Virus Within 10 Minutes

Researchers from Beijing, China claimed that they’ve developed a device that can detect the Covid-19 virus within merely 10 minutes. This device they’ve developed contains a biological sensor which includes a sensing chip that is able to detect the virus almost instantly. It is also said that the accuracy matches the traditional polymerase chain reaction tests.

Credit: South China Morning Post

The researchers mentioned that the sensing chip can be easily transported and used in any point-of-care facility, which helps speed up the process and also save money on the Covid-19 testing. The device will only need a fluid sample from the patient, which is then put through various test involving heat and electrical conductivity testing.

They’ve tested the device on 6 affected patients and 3 healthy individuals and came back with 99% accuracy from the results. The leader of the research team, Guo XueFeng mentioned that the device is already patented and ready for immediate application.

Source: Mashable SEA

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