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Chinese Electric Car Manufacturer Unveiled Its First Flying Vehicle, To Officially Release In 2024

Credit: XPeng

XPeng, a Chinese electric car manufacturer, unveiled its very first flying vehicle prototype, which is intended to go to retail as early as 2024! Will we be seeing flying vehicles in 3 years time?

The electric car manufacturer promises a more affordable price to defy all competitors, no more than 160,000 (RM662,560) dollars per unit. According to Malay Mail, XPeng had designed the flying vehicle to be able to drive normally on the road. However, it is still in prototype stages.

The vehicle resembles a car with 2 retractable wings, with a propeller at the end of each of them. As for the interior, the designs are futuristic, resembling both a car and plane with a head-up display system. The manufacturer mentioned that they have already tested the vehicle with more than 15,000 safe flights, the final version is said to be more refined than the prototype.

On the other hand, Xpeng also presented its future intelligent driver assistance system called the XPILOT 4.0, offering a near-autonomous driving mode by 2023. What do you think about flying vehicles?


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