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Childcare Centre Manager Arrested Over Alleged Abuse Of Special Needs Child

It's sad how often child abuse cases happen, and how many more are being swept under the rug if it weren't for netizens who expose them on social media. A childcare centre manager was recently arrested after she was accused of allegedly abusing a 6-year-old boy with autism.

The incident was revealed by the boy's father, Tengku Aminuddin on social media on 3 October. In his post, Tengku Aminuddin said he had sent his son, Tengku Noah to the childcare centre in Ampang under the impression that they are capable and knowledgeable in managing children with special needs.

However, Tengku Aminuddin soon discovered bruises on his son's face and body. But he chose to trust the centre as he believed the marks may have been caused by Noah being too active at school. It was only until he saw the bruises on Noah's back that Tengku Aminuddin realised these were no accident, and decided to confront the centre manager.

To make things worse, the centre manager was unapologetic and instead tried to justify her actions by blaming Noah for refusing to eat. The horrifying CCTV footage proved that Noah was roughly dragged and shoved by his teacher during feeding time, which probably explained the bruises on his shoulder.

Tengku Aminuddin decided to expose the centre on social media to warn other parents about their behaviour, but the post quickly went viral as netizens were equally aghast by the teacher's actions. Tengku Aminuddin has since lodged a police report against the manager, who was subsequently arrested on 1 October.


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