• Jonathan Shiek

Chemical Castration Will Be A Punishment For Pedophiles In Indonesia

Indonesian president Joko Widodo recently signed a new government regulation to allow child molesters to be punished with chemical castration! This was actually introduced back in 2016 when the Indonesian president signed a Presidential Regulation In Lieu of Law for the death penalty and chemical castration for child molesters. However, the punishments have been delayed as the Indonesian Doctors Association did not want any part of the unethical procedures.

The new government regulation will need to outline the punishments in more detail to overcome this problem, like the duration of the punishment and the offense attempts. A quick explanation to what chemical castration is, chemicals used to reduce a man’s sexual libido by lowering their testosterone levels. This step is still deemed as controversial as the Human Rights groups are upset with the developments and the National Commission on Violence Against Women stated that temporarily reducing a child molester’s sexual libido will not solve this problem in the long run.

What do you think, is this a good step or a bad one?

Source: Mashable SEA

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