• Jonathan Shiek

Celebrating A ‘NEW’ CNY This Year

Its that time of the year again, the lanterns hanging from the street lamps, the sound of fireworks in the distance and the fabled lion dance hopping about in front of your house as the kids run and scream at the sight of it. It’s Chinese New Year!

During the eve of Chinese New Year, families will often gather at a family style Chinese restaurant for Reunion Dinner, ordering the staples such as  Poon Choi which is a large Hakka dish which feeds 8 to 10 people, that includes nine of the best ingredients which comprises of meat, vegetables and seafood.

Credits: Open Rice

This year however, with the implementation of MCO this Chinese New Year season, restaurants can no longer cater to such an event due to the restrictions forcing them to adapt their business or face closure. As such, most restaurant owners has adapted to this change such as Lala Chong restaurant in Kayu Ara, Petaling Jaya who has been preparing since November of last year.

Due to the fact that family gatherings are prohibited, Lala Chong restaurant decided to prepare take-away portions with individual servings of Poon Choi for customers thus still managing to keep operations alive while maintaining income.

It isn’t just Lala Chong though, as many other family-style Chinese restaurants has foreseen this MCO and adapted their business accordingly. Hee Lai Ton Restaurant and Chuups has all prepared take-away type meals for their customers as well which was well received.

Much like these restaurants, we have to adapt to the change as well. Celebrations this year will have to do without the usual norms, such as a grand Reunion Dinner, visiting our relatives (yes for ‘Angpau’) or even gathering to watch fireworks but not all is lost. With the advent of technology we can still visit our relatives over video calls, we can still receive ‘Angpau’ via bank transfers and as for the fireworks…well it’s not much but we hope you enjoy it!


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