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Catch Hello Kitty, Gundam, And Pac Man In AR On Google Search

Ever wondered how your favourite Japanese animated characters would look in real life? Well, you can finally (sort of) find out now! Google has updated their existing Augmented Reality (AR) feature so users can view these iconic characters in life size when you search them on Google on your mobile devices!

Among the characters that are available for this feature are Hello Kitty, Ultraman (Zero and Belial), Evangelion, Gomora, Gundam (Penelope, Odysseus and Xi Gundam), Kiki and Lala, Pac-man, Little Twin Stars, Pompompurin, and more.

Some of the characters, like Hello Kitty, also produce dialogue when they greet you hello in Japanese and English – how adorable!

You can try out this feature by searching for the character’s names on the iOS Google app or Android browser, and select the “View in 3D” option. Make sure to enable access to your camera, microphone and gallery, and voila the character you’ve chosen should miraculously appear in your space, onscreen.

Prepare yourself though because some of these characters may appear larger in size than you think, but you can easily adjust the size to fit your screen. You can even pull some crazy stunts with these life-size characters, just look at what we did!

But do know that the Google AR feature is only available on certain compatible ARCore-enabled Android devices (you can view the list here) as well as iPhones with iOS version 11.0 and above.

Have you tried taking photos with any of these characters? Let us know!


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