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Catch EXO’s Chanyeol Singing And Acting In Upcoming Movie ‘The Box’

South Korean singer, rapper, and actor Park Chan-yeol, better known mononymously as Chanyeol from EXO is starring in a lead role in a new movie titled The Box, that talks about a music prodigy who struggles with performance anxiety due to childhood trauma.

The film features Chanyeol as the main character Ji Hoon, an aspiring singer who meets desperate music producer Min-su, played by fellow actor Jo Dal-hwan, who decided to put Ji Hoon inside a refrigerator box while he performs, to help him overcome his stage fright.

Together, the unlikely duo embark on a musical journey across South Korea as they learn to step our of their comfort zone, attempt new things and live outside the box.

Since the film is about music, the songs that are featured are naturally great and include several international tracks like Bad Guy by Billie Eilish, Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World, Coldplay’s A Sky Full Of StarsWithout You by Mariah Carey, and Happy by Pharrell Williams.

Other than acting in the movie, Chanyeol also lends his voice and talent in songwriting as the film features some new Korean tracks that are written by Chanyeol himself.

Although this is only the fourth film for the 28-year-old actor, Chanyeol seems to be quite comfortable with taking on a role that’s visibly different from his usual bubbly personality.

“I talk a lot and act quickly, but Ji Hoon is very quiet. Often times, Jo Dal-hwan would be saying his lines and I’d have to just stare at him. I really wanted to talk. After getting into character, I became calmer and more serious in my normal life. That feeling was very novel and interesting,” said Chanyeol.

Fans of Chanyeol should check out the movie when it releases as it’s reported that The Box may be the last movie from Chanyeol for the time being as the actor is enlisting in the Korean military on 29 March and is expected to return only two years later.


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