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Cameron Highlands Finally Gets a McDonalds!

As the old saying goes, better late than never – would probably be the best way to describe the fact that McDonalds is finally setting up an outlet in Cameron Highlands. Considering the fact that Cameron has always been sort of a tourist hub for locals and foreigners alike, it is actually quite surprising that an outlet has not opened sooner.

The announcement was first made by Penang Kini on their Facebook page accompanied with some pictures of the outlet being constructed.

Credits: Penang Kini

The outlet will be located at Pekan Brinchang but further details regarding the outlet such as  maximum seating capacity, drive-thru service availability and the opening ceremony of the outlet is still currently unavailable.

Some netizens wondered if this new outlet will feature some unique menu items that is exclusive to McDonalds Cameron such as strawberry burgers, green tea milk mocha, hashbrowns with corn and mushroom porridge. Although most netizens are excited about finally having a McDonalds up in Cameron, there were some who claimed that the new outlet will tarnish the uniqueness of the Cameron landscape as more people will drive up the highlands to try it, causing heavy traffic and overcrowding the lush highlands.

That said, McDonalds is far from the only fast food outlet in Cameron. As far back as I can remember, there had always been a KFC, Pizzarella and Marrybrown located in Cameron. Though I am sure they aren’t too pleased with the additional competition.


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