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Bye Bye Apple Music! iOS 14.5 Lets You Set Spotify As Your Default Music Player

Omg. The update we’ve all been waiting for.

You’ll finally be able to ditch Apple Music and make Spotify, or another third-party music service, your default music player!

First discovered by Reddit users the new feature is part of the developer and public betas for iOS 14.5. So, it’s not available for everyone just yet. 

But! If you have either of the betas downloaded to your iPhone, you’ll be given the chance to change your default music service the first time you ask Siri to play a song.

Brenda Stoylar from Mashable tested this. Having downloaded the iOS 14.5 public beta, she put Siri to the test. Instead of saying “Hey Siri, play Mumford & Sons on Spotify,” she said “Hey Siri, play Mumford & Sons.”

From there, Siri listed three streaming services that are currently on her phone: Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. Toward the bottom of the screen, it asked: “Which app would you like to use?”

Once Spotify, is selected, it asked for permission to access Spotify data. After tapping “Yes,” it began playing a song via the app. Now, Siri automatically plays music on Spotify without us having to specify.

But the setup process has been a bit buggy for some — as mentioned by these Reddit users.

mvbalan said:

“Wow good find OP! It appears to be half baked as when I try to play a specific artist, song, playlist, or album, it defaults to what I’ve chosen in the selection menu but when I say like “play some music” it defaults to Apple Music”

matejamm1, also found the feature isn’t working very smoothly:

“Yeah, it is a bit inconsistent, as with all things Siri. Just now i asked it to “Play blue hotel”, after which it offered me to choose, then I dismissed it and asked it again and it played straight on Apple Music, and then the third time I asked it, it asked me for access to my Pocket Casts data, which is a podcast app and obviously doesn’t have music at all.

The second screenshot was a different occasion 30 minutes later. I only posted it to demonstrate that Deezer temporarily became the default music service for Siri. Could be indication that changing the default is coming to all services soon.”

Clearly, Apple still has some work to do before the feature is officially released in the final version of iOS 14.5. Regardless, WE CANNOT WAIT!

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