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By Far The Most Realistic Cat Backpack You Will Ever See

Where else but Japan (cries).

Under normal circumstances, most people would be able to tell the difference between an actual cat and a cat-shaped backpack regardless of how well it is crafted right? I mean the differences would usually be as clear as night and day.

Well, why not try and tell if this is a real cat or simply a cat shaped backpack:

Credits: Mashable SE Asia

Exactly. If it weren’t for the straps attached to this furry creature, one would easily mistake it as an actual “catto”.

In Japan, netizens went absolutely ape-s**t after a Cat Production Pico (@picopoco08 on Twitter), who makes wool-felt dolls resembling cats uploaded a series of photos of what appeared to be just some really cute cats. Upon second glance however, it turned out that it was actually a backpack that was crafted with such incredible detail and care that it actually resembled a real life cat.

I mean just look at it! Those eyes mirror the galaxy itself and the rest of the body boasts enough fluffiness to inspire an instinctual desire to hug it. The back of the body even features a life-sized tail, and the zipper line that opens up to the internal compartment is well-hidden in the fur.

Credits: Mashable SE Asia

Credits: Mashable SE Asia

Credits: Mashable SE Asia

Credits: Mashable SE Asia

Naturally, it goes without saying that everyone clamored to get their hands on the backpack but unfortunately, Cat Production Pico eventually updated their Twitter with another post saying that they’d been swamped with orders and had no capacity to accept any more orders or commissions.

I am very happy to have many people praise the work 🌸✨ Right now, we are making the orders we recruited last year 🍀 Thank you for your understanding 🙇🏻‍♂️ — 猫制作ℙ𝕀ℂ𝕆 (@picopoco08) April 17, 2021


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