• Jonathan Shiek

Burger Vendor In Kelantan Gets Slapped With RM50,000 Fine For Selling Burgers Outside His House

A burger vendor is Kelantan has recently took to Facebook to share his frustrating tale of being fined RM50,000 for merely manning a burger stand outside of his house.

In his post on Facebook, Faisal Burger wrote “A test this fasting month. Was selling burgers in front of the stairs to my house. Around 11pm, the police arrived. Was fined RM50,000 for selling burgers. May my family and I be blessed. There’s a silver lining behind this. I only sell burgers to pay monthly bills.”

Credits: Says

In the fine that he was issued, it read “running a food outlet outside of his home and exceeding the Movement Control Order (MCO) time limit” and it also noted on the fine that Faisal would only have until 9 May 2021 to pay the fine or be faced with dire consequences.

Credits: Says

Okay can we just hold up a minute here. Does it look like any normal Malaysian would readily have RM50,000 on hand at any given time? This fine is absolutely bonkers!

As it stands, all districts in Kelantan are under an MCO state after the government recorded a shockingly high 83.9% increase in COVID-19 cases from the “land of lightning” alone.

Well, when it boils down to it, I certainly hope that Faisal can make an appeal for his fine to be lowered. Now, by no means am I saying that his actions are justified, but considering the fact that he has to do so in order to make ends meet, I hope that there is some degree of leniency for his case.


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