• Jonathan Shiek

Burger King UK Tweeted: Women Belong In The Kitchen

Even with so many brands and companies screwing up their reputation because of bad branding and advertising, these companies still persist to continue digging their own graves. This time, the company that is going under fire is non other than popular fast food chain restaurant, Burger King!

The outrage was sparked by a tweet from BurgerKingUK, thinking it was a great idea to start off International Women’s Day with a misogynistic line ” Women belong in the kitchen.” It is 2021, and people still think that these sexist jokes and quotes won’t land themselves in trouble.

BurgerKingUK continues the thread with an aim to draw attention to the fact that only 20% of professional chefs in UK kitchens are women and to help change that by awarding culinary scholarships. People on social media were not having it, calling it a clickbait and a very distasteful way of promoting their scholarship.

The company quickly removed the original tweet and responded with this: — Dave 🌹 (@nodank_) March 9, 2021
I don't know what is more offensive, using sexist bait to promote a good cause or a fast food chain using the word chef. — Danny Deraney (@DannyDeraney) March 8, 2021

Either way, Burger King needs to crosscheck their materials before thinking it’s cool to publish something sexist as clickbait. IT. IS. NOT. OKAY. You do not need to offend a certain group of people or an individual to be on your A game. STEP UP BURGER KING.


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