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Bundle Percuma In PJ Gives Away Free Pre-Loved Clothes To Those Who Need It

When the MCO was first announced early last year, it caught everyone by surprise and left plenty of people helpless without a source of income. RTM cameraman Japeridin Sampol was one of those who didn’t have much work, and with a box of old clothes from his friends, Japeridin and his two friends were inspired to start a stall to give-away the clothes for free to the people who need them.

“During that time, we didn’t have any work and I thought to myself, why not just open a free bundle since the Covid-19 pandemic has affected many lives, not just the locals but the foreigners as well,” Japeridin told Malay Mail.

Jarepidin at work at Bundle Percuma. Credits: Malay Mail

After setting up a booth at their apartment block’s lobby, Bundle Percuma was up and running! The initiative was well-received among Japeridin’s friends and nearby residents, who were kind enough to donate more pre-loved clothes to the group.

“We’ve received tonnes of clothes, from t-shirts for men and women, children’s clothes to baju kurung and baju Melayu,” said Japeridin, who added that they would usually receive three to six bags of clothes almost every week.

This positive response from the public led to the expansion of Bundle Percuma at two rented stalls in Taman Medan Cahaya, Petaling Jaya. The stalls are located in front of a surau where people can easily drop by and pick up the clothes that they need.

Bundle Percuma at its original booth (left) before it was moved to two stalls (right). Credits: Malay Mail

“Although it was two kiosks, we only needed to pay for rent for one kiosk since we’re helping out the needy and plus, all the monetary donations we’ve received are all donated to the surau,” said Japeridin, who splits the RM200 monthly rental fee with his friends.

“I’m not hoping to gain anything from this, I just want to ask those who are in need of clothes for themselves or their family, please don’t be shy, just come and take what you need,” said Japeridin.

Right now, Bundle Percuma’s operation hours depends on the group’s work schedule. On their day off, the stall will be open 10am onwards. However, there are times when the group just leave the stall open while they go out for lunch for people to drop by and pick up some clothes or even donate them.


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