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"Bukan Semua N*gro Jahat" Local News Site Slammed For Using Inappropriate Headline

On 24 November, local news site made a grave mistake by coming up with a headline that included inappropriate words. The news site was writing on a report to highlight that Africans don't deserve hate, but that went South really quick.

The headline that infuriated netizens read "Bukan semua N*gro jahat" which translates to "Not all N*gros are bad". It is known globally that you should steer clear of using the word, as it is offensive to simply address Africans with it. Netizens began sharing the link to the news and spreading it on social media to voice out their disgust towards the inappropriate headline.

Many have noted that the editor had then made edits to the article's headline as "Bukan semua warga Afrika jahat". That said, do you think our local media just doesn't have sensitivity towards issues like this or is it the ignorance of our people?


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