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BTS’ TikTok Account Was Hacked And Fans Want It Investigated

If there’s any fandom out there that you do not want to mess with, BTS fans are definitely high on that list. Better known as ARMYs, the K-Pop fandom is now urging Big Hit Entertainment, the label behind BTS, to launch an investigation and take necessary legal action against the party that hacked into BTS’ TikTok account.

ARMYs had noticed something fishy about their idol’s TikTok account on Wednesday, March 10 when the account was renamed to “team alpha” and started posting weird animated videos that are non-related to the usual BTS content.

Credits: Twitter

The fans’ sharp detective skills also led them to discover that while the group did not follow any other accounts previously, their latest profile showed that they were now following two accounts that appeared to be bots.

Although the hacking issue was resolved immediately, fans were still worried about the security breach and even took to social media to direct their concerns towards TikTok and Big Hit Entertainment.

Hello @TikTokSupport we have noticed that the official account of BTS on TikTok has been hacked, please solve this problem and make sure to take legal action. — T ARMY REPORT (@TARMYREPORTTR) March 10, 2021
. @bts_bighit @BigHitEnt @BTS_twt Hi, please notice immediately. BTS' TikTok has been hacked. — dee ☕🤍 (@logmyg) March 10, 2021

And if you ever need proof of how fast BTS fans work, ARMYs have managed to identify the culprit behind the hacking of BTS and fellow K-Pop band iKon’s TikTok accounts. Fans are now joining hands to report the hacker, which will hopefully put an end to this hacking situation and protect other artists from potential hacks as well.

⚠️IMPORTANT⚠️ the guy who hacked ikon's tiktok today today is the same dude who did it for bts yesterday (changed bios, followings, uploaded vids) in case you wonder, his tt @ is @/o2m and his ig @/0zo3 feel free to bully him and report him w us arabs🥰 — wanie⁷ hates hybe #yarch #OnTheGround (@hobis_eunoia) March 11, 2021


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