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BTS Jimin’s Unwashed Outfit Was Up For Auction And Fans Were Not Happy

By now, we probably all know how dedicated and passionate some BTS fans are towards their idols. Which is completely fine, but some sly merchants have been known to take opportunity of ARMY’s love, and intentionally sell items related to the band members in attempt to make money.

The latest stunt involves a Korean auction house putting Jimin’s unwashed stage costume up for sale at an online auction that’s also featuring 50 other works of modern and ancient Korean art.

The outfit was a hanbok-inspired garment by designer Kim Rieul. It was loaned to Jimin for BTS’ performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last September. But due to the rushed schedule, the band’s styling team did not manage to dry clean the outfit before returning it to the atelier.

And the gross part is, the designer also chose not to wash the outfit to preserve Jimin’s “essence” – ewww! “This outfit is touched and worn by Jimin. I didn’t even wash it… These are the clothes that still keep Jimin’s sweat and fragrance of that day,” said Kim in a documentary.

To make things worse, Myart Auction also convinced Kim to put the outfit up for sale in its natural, unwashed state. They even came up with this product description: “[Jimin’s outfit] was left unwashed after the performance and will be sold with Jimin’s body odor intact.”

Obviously, fans were furious at the company’s attempt to commodify Jimin’s sweat. And after facing the intense backlash, the designer has reportedly removed the the outfit off the auction market.

Meanwhile, Myart Auction also came out with their own statement to clarify the situation, saying “Designer Kim Rieul, who was the consignor, revealed that he felt a great burden due to this auction as he felt it could reflect a more commercialized aspect. We (Myart) have decided to cancel the auction after much consideration as the artist (Jimin) who wore the clothes is of world-class status and this type of commercial activity could hinder his image.”


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