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British Man Sets Record For World’s Longest Positive Covid-19 Case – 305 Days

The Covid-19 virus has affected everyone differently, some patients managed to recover after experiencing minor symptoms, others had to be put on ventilators and unfortunately, many people even lost their lives to an invisible virus. A man in the UK was recently reported to have tested positive for Covid-19 for 305 days, which sets a new world record!

72-year-old Dave Smith first tested positive for the virus in May 2020. Unfortunately, his underlying health conditions which are known to affect his body’s white blood cells have severely impacted and delayed the process of recovery for him.

As a result, Smith spent 10 long months battling against the virus before he could finally recover. There were days when his symptoms were so bad, he wanted to give up. His wife even had to plan his funeral five times. But through it all, Smith’s wife and doctors never lost hope.

Credits: Khaleej Times

“At one point I was bedridden for two or three months. My wife had to wash and shave me in bed because I just couldn’t stand up. Sometimes I thought, I wish they’d take me in the middle of the night, because I just can’t go on anymore. You get to the point where you are more afraid of living than dying,” said the retired driving instructor.

Based on a study done on Smith’s case (yes, his case is so unique it even has its own study), the doctors had to experiment with different combinations of medication and treatment before they found one that could target different coronavirus spike protein and help Smith’s condition.

Thankfully, the swab tests from 45 days later showed that Smith was finally free of Covid-19, which called for a celebration. “We opened a bottle of champagne that we had in the cupboard … and drank the whole thing between us. Then we rang everybody up saying ‘I’m negative, I’m negative,” said Smith.

Credits: The Express Tribune

But the interesting is, the study also revealed that Smith actually lived with Covid-19 symptoms for six weeks before he was tested positive. This means that he probably had it for close to a year, which is absolutely crazy, thank goodness he’s fully recovered now!


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