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British Couple In Their 80s Ties The Knot After Meeting On Dating App

Online dating is often associated with young people and frivolous hookup culture, but these two British octogenarians are proving that love is not bound by age after they tied the knot for the second time in their lives, thanks to a chance encounter on a dating app.

84-year-old Euan Coffin and 81-year-old Freda Clark had not considered the idea of online dating until both their relatives talked them into installing a dating app. “My granddaughter made me this digital profile for a particular dating site. Although I told her not to make one as it was such a silly idea, she was adamant and did it,” said Clark.

Before this, Clark admitted to have been struggling from loneliness ever since her husband passed away three years ago. Meanwhile, Coffin had been single for nine years after losing his ex-wife.

The couple first took notice of each other’s profile after realising their shared interest in gardening and dogs. After some time talking, Clark and Coffin decided to meet up in person. And being a smart woman, Clark even suggested to meet outside a shopping centre in Birmingham because she didn’t want to give away her address right away – very good move!

Credits: Mirror UK

Over the course of time, the couple grew closer together, they even hung out with each other’s social circle during lockdown! Despite both of them agreeing to maintaining a friendship at first, because neither wanted a serious relationship, love (and lockdown) got in the way.

“During the lockdown, Coffin would spend a few nights of the week with me. He bought me a brooch as a gift and asked me if I would prefer if it was a ring, and he got down on one knee and of course I said yes, and now we are married,” said Clark. Awww…


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