• Jonathan Shiek

Brace Yourself, MCO 2.0 Is Extended Yet Again

Are we even surprised anymore? With Chinese New Year coming in a 10 days, the government decided to extend the current MCO from 4 February to 18 February 2021 to continue efforts into curbing the rise in cases. The MCO will be effective for all states excluding Sarawak.

Apparently, SOPs will be tightened yet again, details have not been released yet so stay tuned to more announcements.

PKP dilanjutkan bermula 5 Feb – 18 Feb 2021 kecuali Sarawak (Kekal di bawah PKPB). #pkp2021 — KKMalaysia🇲🇾 (@KKMPutrajaya) February 2, 2021


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