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Boy From China In Tears When His Mom Surprised Him With A Textbook Birthday Cake

We all used to love those cute themed cakes on our birthday like Doraemon, Disney Princesses, and many others. This 11-year-old boy in Jiangsu, China thought that he was going to get a Pikachu cake but ended up with something very different.

His mother originally bought his the cake that he wanted, but after discovering that he has been neglecting his schoolwork and studies, she decided to make a last minute change and ordered him a textbook-themed cake in order to get him back on track for her son's studies as examinations were up. Unsurprisingly, the boy did not take it well.

Sohu reported that there was a special message on the cake for the boy that wrote, “As long as the world does not end, you have to do your homework”. Needless to say, he was in tears.

How would you discipline your son if he has been neglecting his work?


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