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Bong Joon Ho Hopes HBO’s English Adaptation Of ‘Parasite’ Will Be A “Great G

It’s been over a year since the critically acclaimed South Korean film ‘Parasite’ made history at the 2020 Oscars as the first foreign language film to ever win the Best Picture award. ‘Parasite’s’ success prompted some Hollywood producers to consider an English remake of the film, but many critics also used the movie as an example of why American viewers should start watching more foreign language films.

‘Parasite’s’ director Bong Joon Ho was one of those who urged viewers to embrace foreign films with subtitles, saying “Once you overcome the one-inch tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films” in his famous Oscars acceptance speech, as translated by interpreter Sharon Choi.

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This led many people to believe that Bong would probably be against any sort of remake of his film, which was already amazing to begin with. But just a year later, the South Korean director has confirmed that ‘Parasite’ will be adapted into an English TV series.

“I’m involved in the HBO adaptation [of ‘Parasite’]. It will be a black comedy. I’m working in close cooperation with screenwriter [Adam] McKay. This time I’m giving my input as a producer,” said Bong, who hopes that the TV series will be “something of great genius”.

However, screenwriter McKay has assured that the adaptation will not be a remake, instead it’s an original story that’s set in the same universe as ‘Parasite’. What do you think about this spin-off series?


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