• Jonathan Shiek

BLACKPINK’s Rosé Now Has Her Own YouTube Channel!

International superstar and fashion icon Rosé has launched her very own YouTube channel yesterday (well its about time!). She currently only has one video on her channel and it contains multiple home video-esque footages of Rosé as she grows into who she is today.

The video is titled ‘Interview Film’ and is about to hit over 3 million views in just under a day. If you think that is amazing wait until you hear this. Since her YouTube channel went live, while still fresh in its creation, has gained her 1 million subscribers (dude what…?).

In the five-minute video, Rosé shares her inner thoughts about her initial aspirations, the influence music has on her and the true meaning of what ‘On The Ground’ is all about. In the video, she stated “I realised the most important thing in music is to portray my life experiences and stories… That’s why music to me is ‘comfort’ these days, ” She also gave us a little insight about how she acquired the name ‘Rosé’.

Well I certainly hope that her YouTube channel stays active as I am really looking forward to see what else Rosé has in store for us. If this ‘Interview Film’ is of any indication as to what we should expect from her channel, chances are, we just might get a more intimate look into her life and perhaps the lives of other BLACKPINK members in the coming future.


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