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Blackpink’s Lisa Was A Victim Of Racism And Social Media Is Outraged

Screenshots from a group chat surfaced online recently about Lisa Manoban, the lead rapper and 1/4th of Korea’s biggest girl group BLACKPINK.

A few screenshots of the chats are of Lisa being attacked for her home country Thailand, including a number of offensive remarks exchanged about the K-pop star. Angry fans took to Twitter and demanded to ‘Respect Lisa’.

Several users on Twitter posted about why it’s problematic to attack an artist just because she belongs to a country. The group chat had some members talking about Lisa’s virginity and shamed her for belonging to a country which has been linked to human trafficking.

The hashtags #RespectLisa and #stopracism made rounds on Twitter. Lisa’s fans expressed their anger towards the content of the leaked chats and extended their support to the artist.

Thanks for giving attn to this. Hope it will get more attention as it has been a cycle of RACISM & XENOPHOBIA against Lisa. WE STAND BY YOU LISA#RespectLisa STOP RACISM Say No to Racism — LISA MANOBAN – 88 – Lilies – Fam (@LiliesFamily_88) February 2, 2021

The groupchat screenshots:

They don’t deserve any of these bad things. @ygent_official Please take any action. Please protect them at all cost.#RespectLisa#RespectJisoo — ⋆HeavenSmileLS⋆ (@HeavenSmileLisa) February 2, 2021

Lisa, deemed as the global superstar for her iconic dance moves along with her raps and stage presence, hails from Thailand and made her debut with YG Entertainment’s Blackpink in 2016 along with Jennie, Rose and Jisoo. The K-pop idol joined YG Entertainment as a trainee in 2011 when she moved to South Korea to prepare for her debut.

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