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Blackpink’s First Online Concert: A Recap

Last year, Blackpink dropped their first full-length album: The Album. It was supposed to be supported with a tour but ddu-du-ddu-du-due to the pandemic, the tour was not possible.

So Blackpink did the next best thing: a live stream concert called The Show. It was a one-and-a-half-hour set showcasing their greatest hits, and of course, tracks from The Album. And boy, did they go all out.

The Show started with the show-stopping “Kill This Love”. The Band Six (Blackpink’s live band) gave the first verse a spin—just vocals and attacks on the first beat. It was followed by “Crazy over you”, and their chart-topping, high-energy “How You Like That”, which was further spiced with extra synth layers, guitar lead lines, breakdowns, and syncopated attacks. 

Other notable performances include a dreamy-synth version of “Don’t Know What To Do”, the Lady Gaga collaboration “Sour Candy”, an acoustic rendition of “Love To Hate Me” and “You Never Know”, “Whistle” with a new epic breakdown at the bridge, and a really really really savage “Pretty Savage”, which you can watch on the James Corden Show.

Credit: YG Entertainment

One performance that stood out in high caliber was “DDU-DU DDU-DU”. The set was literally lit, as lasers beamed and fire burst into flames in time with the music. A ticking noise and a heart-pounding beat ushered the stage into an illuminating red glow as the four girls danced and sang on water with a crowd of male dancers. The best part was the breakdown at the bridge where the girls fiercely danced along to the pounding of drums.

Each member also had the chance to showcase their talents individually. Jennie performed “SOLO” with a new English rap verse, accompanied by Young Deuk and Young Don (the famous dancing twins). Jisoo did a cover of “Habits” by Tove Lo and Lisa sang and danced on an illuminated floor to a cover of “Say So” by Doja Cat. 

Due to the anticipation of her long-awaited debut, Rosé was given the slot to perform last. Her new single “Gone” premiered with half a music video that blended into a performance sung live by the vocalist herself. “Am I the story that’s sad and true? I’ll put a curse on you,” she lamented as she sat on a swing, bearing her heart out as Justin “GuitarSlayer” Lyons strummed along.

Throughout The Show, breaks in between sets were well thought through as Jennie, Rosé, Lisa, and Jisoo mingled and addressed fans. The pop-quartet had a moment towards the end where they reminisced about the good old days when they were able to share the stage in person with fans. Ending with “Forever Young”, the four girls candidly interacted with fan-made merchandise and messages. Blinks, as the Blackpink fandom is called, will be pleased to know that Blackpink is still very much in their area. 

Credit: YG Entertainment

Blackpink’s The Show Setlist:

  1. ‘Kill This Love’

  2. ‘Crazy Over You’

  3. ‘How You Like That’

  4. ‘Don’t Know What to Do’

  5. ‘Playing with Fire’

  6. ‘Lovesick Girls’

  7. ‘Habits (Stay High)’ (Jisso solo, Tove Lo Cover)

  8. ‘Say So’ (Lisa solo, Doja Cat Cover)

  9. ‘Sour Candy’

  10. ‘Love to Hate Me’

  11. ‘You Never Know’

  12. ‘Solo’ (Jennie solo)

  13. ‘Gone’ (Rosé solo)

  14. ‘Pretty Savage’

  15. ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’

  16. ‘Whistle’

  17. ‘As if It’s Your Last’

  18. ‘Boombayah’

  19. ‘Forever Young’


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