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BLACKPINK Rosé’s Solo Album “R” Is Out

Blinks are all enjoying Rosé solo debut as she just dropped her album “R” at 1pm Malaysian time! Blinks are already going crazy over the MV drop for “On The Ground”, which was premiered during the BLACKPINK online concert that happened in January.

Here's a message from #ROSE herself! — TIDAL (@TIDAL) March 12, 2021

Roseanne Park aka Rosé revealed that she worked extremely hard on songwriting and was anticipating her solo release for a long time now. During an interview, Rosé mentioned that she was overseeing the entire process of the album, from album designs, to the music video concept, and of course the song itself!

If you didn’t already know about this, she is actually born in New Zealand and raised in Australia, which is why she decided to have both songs sung in English. There was a scene in the MV of “On The Ground” showcasing a car plate with “Auckland” and her birth year on it, so you definitely know she pays a lot of attention to detail.

On the other hand, “Gone”, her other song in the album was actually written 2 years ago before finally being produced now! You can tell that she’s been practicing songwriting just to finally release her solo debut. There were leads mentioning that YG Entertainment filmed Rosé’s “Gone” MV, but whether they will publish it, we don’t know.

Here’s both of the songs from “R”, go check it out and let us what you think about them:

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