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Billie Eilish Is “Appalled And Embarrassed” For Mouthing Racist Slur In Old Video

In the age where cancel culture is so prevalent, sometimes making one mistake in the public eye is enough to take you down, just ask American singer Billie Eilish. The 19-year-old pop star has been facing tons of backlash, particularly from her Chinese fans, after an old video of the singer mouthing a racist slur has recently resurfaced on social media.

In the video edit, Eilish was allegedly mocking a stereotypical Asian accent and mouthing the anti-Asian slur “c****” while singing along to the song ‘Fish’ by Tyler The Creator. Since the video went viral, so did the Twitter hashtag #BillieEilishisoverparty.


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Just this Monday on 21 June, the singer finally took to Instagram to address the matter and apologised to all her fans. In a lengthy statement that was posted on her Instagram story, Eilish wrote that she is “appalled and embarrassed” about her behaviour in the video.

Eilish explained that the incident happened when she was around 13 to 14 years old, when she was unaware that the word she was mouthing happened to be a derogatory term used against the Asian community. “Regardless of my ignorance and age at the time, nothing excuses the fact is that it was hurtful, and for that I am sorry,” Eilish wrote.

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The singer also explained that she had no intention to mock the Asian accent, and was instead “speaking in a silly gibberish made-up voice”, which was something she started doing as a kid and have continued to do when talking to her pets, friends, or family members.

“Regardless of how it was interpreted, I did not mean for any of my actions to have caused hurt to others and it absolutely breaks my heart that it is being labelled now in a way that might cause pain to people hearing it.”

What do you think about Eilish’s apology?


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