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Bill Gates’s Alleged Affair With Employee May Have Led To His Resignation From Microsoft

According to Wall Street Journal, Microsoft’s board of directors hired a law firm to investigate a romantic relationship Bill Gates has with an employee which eventually led to Bill Gates’s 2020 resignation from the company. Well well, now this kind of explains his divorce with Melinda French Gates. Although there were newly surfaced reports mentioning that Melinda was actually concerned about her husband’s ties with Jeffrey Epstein and an apparent harassment claim against his money manager.

So let’s go back to his infidelity, in 2019 Microsoft’s board of directors opened the investigation after bring notified that Bill Gates “sought” to initiate an intimate relationship with an employee back in 2000. “There was an affair almost 20 years ago which ended amicably,” said Bridgitt Arnold, a spokeswoman for Bill Gates. “Gates’s decision to transition off the board was in no way related to this matter.” We don’t know how true this is.

The Journal reported that “people familiar with the matter” told them that a Microsoft engineer had “allegedly in a letter said she had a sexual relationship over years with Mr. Gates.” On top of that, The Times also reported, citing “people with direct knowledge with overtures,” that “on at least a few occasions, Mr. Gates pursued women who worked for him at Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.” At this point, it’s just people after people coming out about Bill Gates.

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