• Jonathan Shiek

Bill Gates Contributed About RM7 Million To Fund Research On Contraceptive Drugs For Men

Finally, there’s going to be a study on contraceptive drugs FOR MEN. It will no longer just be condoms or women being the only one taking contraceptives for safer sex – Hoorah! The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation reportedly donated 1.2 million pounds to the University of Dundee to use over the next few years to identify methods to produce the first effective and safe contraceptive drug for men.

Sadly up till now, condoms were the only contraceptive method for men while women are burdened to prevent pregnancy. “This situation indirectly makes women more burdened to prevent pregnancy than men because they only have condoms as a means of prevention. Women have more options to prevent pregnancy, including using birth control pills,” said the university’s physician, Chris Barratt.

Research on male contraceptives have been delayed due to lack of convincing studies showing that sperms must perform key functions after leaving the body. Although there has been past studies on male contraceptives, none of them were approved as contraceptive health options for men. Hopefully, with this big sum of donation the university will be able to find the best method of producing male contraceptives.


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