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Big Tech Companies Might Have to Pay for Wikipedia’s Content

The Wikimedia Foundation, which is the non-profit organisation that is responsible for gifting us the greatest information hub in the world for free – Wikipedia, has announced that they will be launching a new paid service called Enterprise.

The service will be aimed at companies that are reliant on Wikipedia data to operate such as Google and Facebook, pay for said service. However, Wikimedia did say that the way Wikipedia currently is will not change.

Enterprise will allow those who pay for the service to get data faster and even get the data they want formatted to meet their needs. Paying clients will also get options to sort and post the information they desire.

As most companies such as Apple, Google and Samsung are partly powered by Wikipedia, with regards to their AI voice assistants such as Alexa, Bixby and Siri, Wikimedia seems to have figured out that they can finally monetize their content and I personally think it was only a matter of time.

According to Wikimedia foundation’s chief revenue officer, Lisa Seitz-Gruwell, “Wikimedia requires growth and sustainability and in order to do so, revenue is needed”. She also stated that Wikimedia does not expect Enterprise to be the primary source of funding for the foundation as user donations still make up for the majority of Wikimedia’s revenue income.

While the establishment of Enterprise appears to be a step in the right direction for Wikimedia, their move has also brought along some concerns. For instance, assuming these big tech companies pay for the service, could it also mean that these companies will make us pay for obtaining the information in some way or another as well?

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