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Best Female Kpop Dancers Of All Time

Kpop is not only about the singing and aesthetics, but also the choreography and dance aspect. In most Kpop groups, there will be a main dancer just like how there is a main vocalist and main rapper. But in some cases, the main dancer in a Kpop group can actually be one of the best in Kpop history, which is why we will be discussing about a couple of great dancers in female Kpop groups that deserves the ‘Best Female Kpop Dancer of All Time’ title.


Lisa doesn’t need any fancy introductions, she is THE BEST female Kpop dancer of all time. She started dancing at the age of 13 and soon after YG Entertainment uploaded a YouTube video with the title ‘Who’s That Girl???’ which garnered 16 million views to date.

The entertainment company didn’t reveal her name of which girl group she will be debuting in, but she was already THAT popular. Lisa featured in so many reality and entertainment shows, like Running Man and Knowing Bros, showing off her amazing and versatile dances. BLACKPINK’s main dancer was also a mentor on Chinese talent show, Youth With You, because she is THAT talented. She can literally dance an sort of dance style and own it, which is why she is the most followed female Kpop artist on Instagram. Here’s a video of the most recent dance project she has worked on:


Another iconic Kpop artist of all time, Hyuna, is on our list! She was formerly the main rapper and main dancer of girl group, 4Minute, but was disbanded back in 2016. Hyuna then made a name for herself as a solo artist, and churned out hit after hit with amazing dance choreography and head banging music.

There is no Kpop fan out there that doesn’t know any popular dances from Hyuna, she has a distinctive style of dance which goes from sexy to full on hip-hop. QUEEN! That is not all to her, what I actually like about her style is her expressions, charisma, and stage presence. Her latest comeback track ‘I’m Not Cool’ features simple yet powerful moves that makes it so memorable and easily made viral!

Momo – Twice

Momo, also known as Twice’s “Dancing Machine” is definitely one to talk about as well! She is one of the most hardworking dancers out there, taking her free time off to learn choreographies from other female and male Kpop groups. One of Korea’s top Kpop choreographer, Lia Kim (1MILLION Dance Studio), recognizes Momo as a dancer that was ‘sent down from the gods’, as her ability to learn choreographies is just AMAZING.

She has a combination of cute, sexy, and captivating moves that allows her to do pretty much any dance styles. Momo is so good to a point where she is the only group member in Twice having solo dance practice videos and a dance project that was recently released on YouTube. I won’t say more, here are videos of one of the best female Kpop dancers of all time:


Just like Hyuna, Hyolyn was actually a member of Kpop girl group Sistar, which was disbanded back in 2017. Fans will argue that she is the BEST female dancer in Kpop, also the sexiest dancer in Kpop EVER. Ever wonder how someone can dance in high heels but still hit all the right moves perfectly? Well, that’s Hyolyn.

Back when she was younger, she even auditioned for a JYP audition and placed FIRST! Another huge point for Hyolyn is that she was also a self-taught dancer, I am highly impressed. Now that Hyolyn is going solo, she has been making it big on YouTube, working with choreographers to improve her dancing with not just Kpop, but also western music. You need to know how good she is, so here’s a dance video she worked on:


Minzy was the youngest member in 2NE1, that was disbanded back in 2016. She was actually scouted by YG himself after watching a video of her dancing at a dance contest back when she was only in the 5th grade. Minzy was already a dancing prodigy even before joining popular Kpop girl group 2NE1, winning several dance awards while attending a famous dance school at a young age.

When she was the main dancer in 2NE1, she’s gotten a lot of solo dance screen time which got her recognized as on of the best female dancer in Kpop of all time. Fans mentioned that Minzy has amazing body control and facial expressions, which clearly shows her passion and love for dancing.

Hyoyeon – Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

I’m not being bias but, Hyoyeon is literally one of the BEST dancers out there which is why she deserves to be on this list. She started learning dance by attending a small neighborhood dance class which taught all forms of dance like Jazz, Latin, Hip-Hop, and many more. This led to her being a super versatile and adaptable dancer, going from Girls’ Generation’s cute and sexy dances, to her most recent solo comeback video which shows off powerful and elite moves.

Just like Minzy, she attended a famous dance school in South Korea which taught her even more moves like popping, locking, and other Hip-Hop styled dances. She then auditioned for SM Entertainment and passed her audition at a young age (11). I can’t stress how much I love watching her dance, all her moves are precise and clean while having the right amount of swag and charisma. She is the original female Kpop ‘Dance Machine’.


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