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Behold The Latest Viral Trend On Social Media, The Milk Crate Challenge

You may have come across some videos on social media lately where a bunch of people were seen trying to climb and cross a staircase built with milk crates. Thanks to the hilarious reactions, the popularity behind these videos has sparked the latest online trend - the Milk Crate Challenge.

Basically, individuals would have to climb across the milk crate staircase without falling. As easy as it sounds, the execution is actually really tricky considering the milk crates were simply stacked upon each other and can easily collapse under the uneven weight of a person.

While most individuals were able to climb up with ease, they usually found themselves stuck at the top of the stairs, struggling to get down without risk toppling over all the crates. And this is precisely what makes the Milk Crate Challenge videos so entertaining to watch.

Here are just some of the hilarious Milk Crate Challenge videos that were posted on Twitter.

Though we have to say, the challenge can easily go wrong with a bad fall so if you’re planning to try out this challenge on your own, please don't.


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