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Bangkok Is Replacing Splashing With A ‘Holy Water Tunnel’ This Songkran

Every year, locals and tourists in Thailand look forward to the country’s Songkran festival on April 13. The event marks the Thai New Year but in more popular culture, Songkran is often associated with water fights.

But after two years of not celebrating Songkran due to the king’s coronation ceremony and the Covid-19 pandemic, Thai health officials have announced that the Songkran festival will take place this year but water fights will be prohibited.

Credits: Time Magazine

Instead, visitors can enjoy showers of water from a special “holy water tunnel” that’s set up at Khaosan road.

There will be strict protocols in place to prevent water fights from taking place. Any buckets and water guns will also be confiscated at the entrance of Khaosan road. However, certain activities are still permitted to take place with physical distancing, such as pouring water over Buddha images as well as a flower parade.

Vendors will also be allowed to operate from noon until 7pm throughout the festival period. But it’s expected that this year’s festival will see a much smaller crowd and sales for vendors due to the lack of usual backpackers and locals who are deterred by the pandemic.


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